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Maria Avdeeva, European Expert Association

After rallies swept across Belarus amid public resistance to the election rigging that the Belarussians put up against the Lukashenko regime, there was a moment when it seemed that the protest was just an inch from victory. It was at this moment that Russian President Putin offered Belarus President Lukashenko a helping hand. However, Russia’s support wasn’t free of charge. Since August 2020, Lukashenko has been gradually swapping what’s left of Belarussian sovereignty for Moscow’s assistance. Now the Kremlin controls the neighbouring country’s economic, military, and information spheres. Since then, Russia has beefed up its military presence in Belarus, turning it into a military foothold. To this end, propaganda tools were widely applied.

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Yevhen Mahda, Institute of World Policy

Russia has traditionally used gas as a weapon, and Ukraine has been a traditional target of Kremlin’s energy aggression. The events of autumn 2021 in Europe invite us to have a look at the previous so-called “gas-wars” and their impact, in order to be able to better predict Russia’s future actions and understands its tactis and motivations.

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Containment measures


What is the reason for the EU sanctions, how is the current sanctions regime different from all the previous ones, and what is the purpose of the sanctions. A big conversation about European sanctions with Clara Portela, professor at the University of Valencia and former senior analyst at the EU Institute for Security Studies (EU ISS).

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