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Oleksandr DANYLYUK, Center for Defense Reforms

The unrest and riots that erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s death is more evidence that a hybrid war is being waged against the United States, aimed at undermining its moral leadership. The war has a clear plan and intent but continues to go unnoticed in the U.S. While experts point out that Russia and China, through their official and covert tools on social media, are actively supporting the protests in the United States, only a few American politicians are timidly claiming the possibility of Russia’s involvement in the riots. The majority of observers remain silent.

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by the Ukrainian Expert Community on the Report “Peace in Ukraine I: A European War”, authored by International Crisis Group

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The Report “Peace in Ukraine I: A European War”, authored by International Crisis Group (ICG, Brussels, Belgium) dated April 28, 2020, proposes to solve the problem of Russian aggression in Donbas region of Ukraine by engaging Russia, the aggressor state, and bringing it back into discussions on European security and regional arms control.

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for Countering Russia’s Pressure on Europe Aimed at Rolling Back Sanctions

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The community of Ukrainian nonprofits, think tanks, independent experts, and media outlets finds unacceptable the attempts of certain political circles in Europe, which have been playing up to Russia, to change approaches towards the aggressor state and to ease Russia sanctions.

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European Expert Association participated in the Europe – Ukraine Forum, which took place on February 4-5 in Polish Rzeszow. The motto of the Forum – “Europe and Ukraine in 2020 – New Opportunities, Old Threats” is not coincidental, since participants discussed the place of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe on the political and economic map of Europe.
Europe – Ukraine Forum has a long tradition. It is organized by the Institute for Eastern Studies.

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