The premiere of “Tskhinvali 1920”


Читати українською

The documentary, produced by the Georgian Institute for Security Policy (GiSP), focuses on the events in the Tskhinvali region in 1920, exactly 100 years ago:

“Georgia, with help from German troops, occupied Abkhazia in 1918, and Georgian troops were even crueler in South Ossetia during 1919 and 1920. This was essentially what is called genocide today,” – declared Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019 in yet another attempt from the Kremlin to falsify history for its own needs and propaganda.

What really happened in 1920, who and why wants to falsify historical facts, portray the provocation by the Bolsheviks and the suppression of the uprising against the Democratic Republic of Georgia as genocide and damage Georgia’s image – the film answers these questions only with real facts, using documentary materials and analyzing proven historical events.

Screen from the film “Tskhinvali 1920”, GISP

“We tried to present this historical issue as objectively as possible, not to cover it from nationalist positions, and I can boldly say that all the words uttered in this film are supported by relevant documents, archive materials. The final product is of very high quality and is quite a powerful and decent response to the Russian propaganda”, – said David Bragvadze, founder of the Georgian Institute for Security Policy.

The film is in Georgian language, with English and Russian subtitles attached.

Version with English subtitles on Youtube – Here

Version with Russian subtitles on Youtube – Here

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