Training “Personal digital security and conscious work with information” for Kharkiv City Council

European Expert Association has started cooperation with Kharkiv City Council within the framework of the city program on digital literacy.

Association tested the level of awareness of City Council staff on digital and media literacy, and developed a specialized training program aimed at creating a more comfortable and secure digital environment for the city.

On November 25-28, 2019, European Expert Association organized the first pilot series of four trainings for Kharkiv City Council.

Civil servants selected by the results of the tests have studied the following issues:

– audit of the personal digital security needs and developing a sound approach to digital security,

– protection of personal and work accounts,

– secure data storage,

– reducing vulnerability to phishing and social engineering methods,

– secure use of the Internet,

– critical thinking.

The audience showed a high level of interest in training materials – all participants said that they would like to attend such trainings in the future. At the end of the training, a certificate ceremony was held.

European Expert Association aims to create an online course and conduct a series of relevant trainings, which will contribute to the overall strengthening of Ukraine’s digital resilience, reducing the vulnerability to external threats, and creating a more secure and comfortable digital environment for everyone.

Topics of trainings:

  1. Internet. Privacy. Social Engineering and Phishing by Alexander Adamov, PhD, Kharkiv Unversity of Radio electronics
  2. Audit and Rational Approach to Personal Digital Security. Protection of Personal and Work Accounts by Іgor Torianyk, PhD, IT consultancy
  3.  Critical Thinking in the Times of Postruth and Trolls by Volodymyr Malynka, Detector Media
  4. Media and Social Networks. Opportunities and threats by Julia Drozd, journalist
Test results (pdf)

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