Summary of Workshop

The objective of the event, supported by the EU Project “PRAVO-Justice”, was to spread objective information on Ukraine’s progress toward intensified cooperation with the EU, advances in the reform of judiciary system, information security sphere, creating a system of counteracting to cyber operations, the country’s integration into European systems for detecting and responding to hybrid threats.

The first edition of the “Ukrainian Expert Review” was presented at the workshop. The handbook is a set of analytical papers on political, economic, and legal dimensions of Ukraine’s integration into the EU, issues of Ukraine’s positioning in the European information space ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as elections to the European Parliament.

The participants noted that developing open communication between Ukrainian and European experts at the state and non-government levels is an important condition for Ukraine’s further European integration, as well as a tool, common for both Ukraine and EU, of rapid response and creating effective mechanisms for combating external aggressive hybrid interference.

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